Charlotte Movers


There are some very important things to do before the big moving day. Things that may be overlooked easily. However before the Charlotte movers arrive there are things you can do to make the entire process go smooth and problem free. If you're moving out of the immediate area, contact all doctors and dentists and get your medical records. Ask for referrals for new health care providers. Transfer all of the school records to the new school. If you do this ahead of time, it will save everyone a lot of grief. Make sure you have all of your insurance records in one place, health, car, life, business, house and car. Find out what your mover can and can not take, like flammable liquids, paints, house cleaning materials. If they can't take certain items, you can use them up before the move or give them away so nothing is wasted.

Go to the post office ahead of the move and fill out a change of address form, so there is little or no interruption of your mail. Notify all magazine subscriptions of the change of address. Dealing with the utilities , disconnect everything the morning after the move in the old home. The morning after the move is the best day, to make sure you have utilities on the day of the move and at night if extra time is needed. Make sure to connect the utilities in the new home ahead of the move. So on move in day the utilities are working. Notify the bank of the new address. If it's necessary to transfer accounts, do it ahead of the move. Pack a separate bag for items you will need during the move. Items such as medicine, important documents, cash, irreplaceable items.

If you live in Charlotte, North Carolina and are planning on upcoming move, you will probably want to find reliable Charlotte movers to help. Luckily, there are a few things you can look for that will not only make sure the movers you choose are reliable, they might save you some money as well.

How do they charge for the move? -- Does the moving company charge a flat fee for the move, or do they charge per hour? In many cases, choosing a company that charges a per hour rate can be cheaper than charging one with a flat fee. That is because there are things you can do to speed up the move before the movers even arrive, thus needing them for less hours overall.

Do they charge for travel time to your home? -- The best movers tend to be those that only charge from when they arrive at your house. After all, why should you pay for them to leave their office and travel across town to your home? That should all be part of the service they provide.

Do they have several sizes of moving truck? -- Some of the smaller companies only have one size of truck. That means, even if you are only moving a few things, you will still have to pay for a larger truck. Choose a company with various truck sizes, however, and your costs will be cut that way as well.

Do they assemble furniture? -- If you have furniture that needs to be taken apart and reassembled, will they do that for you or will they leave you to do that yourself? Find movers that offer reassembly services, and you will save so much of your own time on your move.